STATUS of Moon Project mod

What is need to do and what is done:

PointList of workStatus
1optimalisation of blocks like vanila (building/performance) for 3 new armor sets100%
2lod models for performance (still have bugs)N/A
3fix some light effects100%
4fix transparent material100%
5add more interior blocks for 2 new interior sets90%
6fix my own higlight on doors100%
7rebuild astronaut tools60%
8rebuild astronaut weapons100%
9create comic book about Moon Project story - actual/prequel/sequel0%
10first map for scenario (later will be prequel and sequel)20%
11finish all astronaut suits100%
12all sounds for talking computer0%
13finish all animations for moon sentinel (not possible moding all)100%
14optimalisation textures only for DX11, for small size of mod (mod now have 1,6GB)100%
15find player/tester for test mod/maps before releaseconfirmed
16check the components for production/building0%
17solve the problem of how to upload mod on steam - small limit for uploaddone
18fix Sounds on doors20%
19fix collision on old models80%
20new set of letters100%
21ancient alien set of letters / images10%
22sound on new materials0%
23fix next problem on models with emissive material in game10%
24create Moon Rover100%
25models for Moon Rover100%
26create base ship for player0%
27music - still I can not find somebody who can make OST song for me?
28actual SIZE of mod folder (all files - local mod before upload)1,6GB