I am a game modder and in my free time a "One Man Game Studio". I am currently working on my 3D games. All current informations about my projects are here and on my Discord and Twitter, Youtube channel. If anyone would like to support me in my projects, I will be glad for any contribution.

In development

In development

In development




Welcome on my website :)


Dead Underground is a sci-fi survival game with RPG elements inspired by horror movies and the game Dead Space.

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New game released. Run Or Boom. This game is inspired by an old game.

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The game I'm currently working on:


Volunteers - charity project for Ukraine, money from this game will be send to Ukraine.

Game use my game system from Titan78 but with war design. The game system is 100% complete. Work is now underway on maps.

Game have same system like in Titan78 (similar like in LFD). There will be many references to Ukraine in the game.

But game still need some models, war models. If anyone would like to contribute to the models for the game, this can be done via Paypal, link is in menu.

Each supporter will receive a game key and will be written in the game menu.

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First look video

VOD with 1/3 of first map



Titan78 is paused for Volunteers project.

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Titan 78 website - more info about game

Titan 78 - its survival game where I try to make a similar game system as in LFD. The game system is complete. Now I just have to buy a few things like sounds, some other monsters ....

If anyone would like to support me in this project, donate link is up. I will be glad for anything :) Each supporter will receive free game key after the release of Titan 78.

Nvidia Ansel VR 360 screenshots - "how could Titan 78 look like in VR"


Here is second preview video

Here is first preview video




My second game is on Steam. I made this game for some gaming communities for fun.

This is a zombie survival game for one player and for cooperation in 4 players.

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My first free game for VR

This project is now stopped, not cancelled.

I will return to the project when all other projects will be finished )

My SE VR World Demo






If anyone would like to support me in my projects, I will be glad for any contribution:  PayPal

Or Bitcoin: 3D6PttvW7f5AzSXkygZdCfLEYrusZUxnfK