New things for Modding


HOLO Textures

Holo textures are now again functional.

For transparent material you must set color to 1









For better view of your LCD set in TransparentMaterials.sbc this two rows on 0




This function in *.xml Is no longer supported - <Parameter Name="GlassSmooth">True</Parameter>

On model for better shape use only SMOTH function.




All emissive materials in moded blocks are nowfixed and functional. But old emissive texture Is no longer supported. You must use only new emissive texture in game folder.

But if you want use old emissive texture "LIKE I" then in * set G channel on 255.




Moded LOD models are now functional.



Here is link on my example MOD with source files for compilation.





For character we have some new settings. You can now do better large custom character models like my MECH.

Collisions are iproved, setting will looks like this:









And also thi two new rows for disable aiming with weapon in 1st person and crouch:





Bad icons fix script

Here is link for script which can repair your old icons to new transparent version.




1. download zip file

2. extract

3. copy all your icons which you want fix into this folder

4. run DDS_premultiply_alpha_test.bat



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